How To Make an Inexpensive And Easy Homemade Forge

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Making inexpensive and easy homemade forges, is something hobbyist blacksmiths are usually always considering. Most simple forges are pretty much the same and can easily be built out of parts that are quite easy to find. The forge I’m about to show you how to make will only require a few things:  an old brake drum, a hair dryer, and a few pieces of pipe. Since this is all makeshift, you can stand the entire setup on some cinder blocks, or you can use the deck from an old lawn mower. The deck is the part that covers the lawn mower blade. Simply turn it over and it will form a nice pit for the coal.

With a forge set up like this, you can be quite flexible and try different things, based on what is readily available to you.

  1. Basically, you want the brake drum at the top, with the trap door at the bottom. You will leave the trap door closed when your forge is lit up, and you can open it when you are done, to clean out all the fallen soot and coal.
  2. You then want to connect the pipes together. You can either weld all of them together, or you use plumbing pipes and simply thread it all together. But, be sure to avoid any galvanized pipes, as they will give off lead which is a toxic fume.
  3. When attaching the hair dryer to the tube, the main thing to remember is that the hair dryer should be a reasonable distance from the actual forge. You can use rubber hosing and clamps, or just some good old duct tape.
  4. When thinking about the trap door, just think about something that has a way to be sealed during forging, and can be easily opened afterwards, to be cleaned.
  5. You can put a grill over the hole in your brake drum so the coal does not fall out easily.

So that’s how to make your own forge. Just go with these tips and work your way through it. You can be done in as little as a couple of hours. If you have some coal or charcoal, you can start blacksmithing, right away.

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