Top 5 Ways Blacksmiths Use Old Horseshoes

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Horseshoes are normally made out of metal, and sometimes may be made from synthetic materials. They are designed to protect a horse’s hoof from wear. They can be nailed through or glued on. Nowadays, horseshoes are being recycled and made into various things. In fact, horseshoe art, has now become a popular way to incorporate artistic personalities into the home, and even blacksmithing shops and pretty much anywhere else. There are numerous ways to use old horseshoes. Here are some of the top ways:

1. Jewelry hanger: You can nail about 4 horseshoes to the wall, for wife to hang her jewelry on (or for yourself). It’s will double up as decor, while still serving that purpose and maximizing space.

2. Bench/chair: you can make a very interesting outdoor chair with a bunch of horseshoes, throw some pillows on it, and everyone will ask where you got it. You can even sell it, be sure that it will be a bestseller.

3. Horseshoe Christmas tree: This will be an amazing addition to your home, during the holidays. It’s a great way to bring personality to your home, rather than getting a conventional tree. Just follow the shape of a regular Christmas tree, add a star at the top, and some regular Christmas decorations and viola, you have a horseshoe Christmas tree.

4. Horseshoe bracket hangers: You can use horseshoes, after welding them together, to make brackets. You can then hang your grinders, broom, dustpan, etc. on these brackets. Handy, right?

5. Garden gates: Rather than making the regular gates, everyone is already used to, you can opt for making garden gates made out of horseshoes. They are beautiful and unique. They can be painted different colors and sold or given out as presents.

Horseshoes are extremely versatile and can be used on almost anything. They bring a unique and beautiful angle to anything they are added to. Blacksmiths use horseshoes for hundreds of things. Think of anything and I’m sure, you will be able to either make it with horseshoes or add horseshoes to it.

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