6 Signs You’re Motivated To Become Blacksmith

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It is a bit ironic, that while many people still claim that blacksmithing is a dying craft, there are still a lot of people interested in becoming blacksmiths. These people might not even know that they are addicted to blacksmithing as a craft, or that maybe they even want to be blacksmiths; they might already even be making their own forge and mini projects and still do not consider themselves blacksmiths. They are some ways to know if you are motivated to become a blacksmith or if you are in fact addicted to blacksmithing, or if you should even start being addressed as a blacksmith. Here are a few signs and if you identify with even one of these signs, then, hello, blacksmith, welcome to the club!

1. You own a ton of blacksmithing books: You know you love blacksmithing if almost all the books you own are about blacksmithing or blacksmiths. If you find that, you can easily hold a conversation about blacksmithing, because of the books you have read, then you are either addicted to blacksmithing or you do want to become a blacksmith.

2. You find yourself drawn to blacksmiths’ shops: You often find yourself visiting your local blacksmith, and it is not necessarily to buy anything but to watch the smith work while you ask him a hundred and one questions. Have you wondered why you always do this? Well, it’s most likely because you are considering becoming one yourself and you probably have not admitted it to yourself.

3. You carry tools in your trunk: You have a set of tools in your car that you carry around, so that whenever you see a blacksmith’s shop, you immediately stop over and bring your own hammer. You are definitely addicted and if you have not yet started referring to yourself as a blacksmith, well, you should now, because you are definitely one.

4. You forge privately: While your friends and even some of your family just assume that you a social blacksmith, who plays around with a forge at blacksmithing events; you, in fact, spend a lot of time, forging in the privacy of your backyard. It’s time to come out, you are indeed a blacksmith, not just that, you just might be addicted.

5. You wake up to smell of burning coal: While most ‘normal’ people wake up to the smell of coffee, you wake up to the smell of burning coal and boy, do you love it! This means that, your day does not really start, until you have lit a forge. You should consider getting a shop at this stage, because you are not just a blacksmith, you are well on your way to becoming a professional blacksmith.

6. Clean hands are a sign that something is wrong: The only time you ever see your hands clean are if you are sick and bedridden. Other than that, you hands are always dirty, because you are constantly forging and hammering away. Yes, you should be a blacksmith. All your friends and family should call you a blacksmith. In short, have them recommend you to their friends. You should register your blacksmithing business, because you are definitely one!