20 Gifts Ideas For Blacksmiths – Just Might Be Priceless

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You are friends with a blacksmith and their birthday is coming up, and you really want to get them something they will definitely like, and would of course be useful to them. When selecting a gift for a blacksmith, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind: the age of the blacksmith, the experience level of the blacksmith, and of course your budget! So, here goes!

1. A small homemade forge: this is especially ideal if the blacksmith is just starting out and needs a forge to practice forging small items.

2. Safety glasses: It doesn’t matter if they already own one; safety glasses are subject to a lot of wear and tear and it’s always nice to have spare pair.

3. Disposable earplugs: A large supply of earplugs will be very useful to any blacksmith of any age, as all blacksmiths will always need to protect their hearing.

4. LED safety glasses: It’s awesome to have extra light pointing them in the direction they are looking, especially because blacksmith shops can get too dark.

5. Bluetooth earmuffs: these block out the work noise, and you are able to listen to music also, from your phone or ipad.

6. Kevlar sleeves: This will protect them from burns on their forearms. Useful when forging and welding.

7. First-aid kits: These are really useful and smart things for blacksmiths to have in their shops. If your friend does not have one yet, consider buying this for them. They will really appreciate this.

8. Instant ice packs: blacksmiths will always get burned; and the best way to keep the burn from becoming worse and scarring is by cooling the burn immediately. These instant ice packs will come in very handy for these situations.

9. Fire blankets: Fire blankets are very useful for putting out fires. They are automatic dry fire extinguishers and they work really well.

10. Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors: These are very useful to have in a blacksmith’s shop and this will help keep your blacksmith safe.

11. A T-shirt: A nice t-shirt with a witty or funny blacksmith quote will also be very nice, especially for young blacksmith.

12. Tongs: These are critical to forging. It doesn’t matter if your blacksmith already has some. Blacksmiths can’t seem to get enough of tongs. They make theirs and they love professionally made ones. So, try and find out which sizes he already has, then buy him a different size or a bouquet of them.

13. Metal rulers: This will always come in handy for any blacksmith.

14. Keychain measuring tape: Not only will this serve your blacksmith’s measuring need, it will also double as a keychain.

15. Blacksmithing books: is your blacksmith just starting out as a blacksmith? A book about blacksmithing will be incredibly useful to him.

16. Gift Vouchers or cards from popular Blacksmithing stores: this is a safe buy as your blacksmith can get exactly what he wants and you don’t have to worry about buying something he does not need.

17. Rivets: Rivets are one of the fastest ways to join multiple pieces of metal together. If it’s within your budget, it’s nicer to get various sizes.

18. Replacement blades for chop saw: These wear out quickly, and a set of replacement blades will be very useful to a blacksmith.

19. Steel wool: This is good for cleaning up metal while finishing.

20. A DIY book: A book that contains various DIY projects and step by step guides will be very useful to a beginner blacksmith.

Do you have more gift ideas? Or are there any gifts you, as a blacksmith would particularly appreciate? Please drop a comment and let us know! Happy shopping.

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