2 Quick Tips to Put Out Your Coal Fire

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Starting a forge fire is easy and straightforward. Everyone is quick to teach and explain this, but nobody adds how to put it out once you are done. This might have left a big number of newbies unsure of how to put out coal fires.

Most of them are too embarrassed to ask. The reason most blacksmiths do not talk about this, is because they expect this to be obvious. Well, it’s not that obvious, actually. There are a few ways or tips you can use to put your coal fires quickly.

  1. Shut off air supply: the air supply you have been using to blast the fire and help it burn even hotter, should be shut off first. Then use a rake or a pair of tongs to dig out the glowing coals to expose them. You will see these glowing coals grow darker as they extinguish.
  2. Put the coals in water: if safety is one of your concerns when putting out the fire, you can dig out the glowing coals and put them in a bucket of water. Use a separate bucket of water for the ash dump. Now, your safety concern is taken care of, because everything that was hot is sitting inside a bucket of water; they no longer pose any fire threats. Whatever you do though, do not pour water into the forge, as this will crack your forge. You can later the coal out, dry it and reuse it. All good.

These two tips will definitely work well and take care of most of your concerns: whether you are protecting your forge, you want to reuse your coals or just worried about fires.

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